Door Audits

A door audit retires aging doors before they slam your bottom line

It can be a big job to replace the doors in your industrial or commercial facility. Since most of them were simple, hollow metal doors installed when the building was constructed, replacement tends to come in waves (depending on usage, environmental factors, etc.).

When you let the experts at PS Access Solutions™ audit the doors in your plant, you come away with a comprehensive Door Replacement Plan (DRP) developed to replace inferior models with solid, rugged, proven doors that are made to last.

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Here’s how a Door Audit* from PS Access Solutions works:

Step 1.

We meet with you at your facility to discuss your challenges and preferences, learn about any unique circumstances to your situation and understand your goals regarding the doors at your facility.


Step 2.

We then tour your facility to inspect your doors, taking photos and measurements, noting locations and types of doors, logging specific issues and concerns that you may have, as well as evaluating which doors may be affected by pressure differentials.


Step 3.

Next, we identify the proper replacement solution for each door and prioritize which doors need to be changed out first. We will also make recommendations on custom alternatives that could improve efficiency, safety, address pressure concerns and streamline your operation.


Step 4.

Finally, we provide you with a Door Replacement Plan (DRP) – documentation that outlines everything we learned and provides you with a roadmap for moving forward. We keep a copy of the DRP so that everyone is always on the same page. When you’re ready to get started, we can get going right away.

* Door Audits are intended to evaluate every door in a facility. Certain restrictions do apply.    

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With a Door Audit from PS Access Solutions, the benefits are clear:


Doors are installed for a reason, and when they fail, dangerous situations occur. An industrial door can be the difference between business-as-usual and disaster.


Few companies choose to replace all of their doors at once, partially because of the resources needed to make the switch and partially due to the disruption to workflow. A DRP allows you to prioritize the process.


You know that leaky, squeaky, hard-to-use door that drives everybody crazy? Or that swing door that is crippled by air pressure (when a sliding door would fix the problem)? A Door Audit lets our experts recommend custom solutions to those unique problem spots in your facility.


The right doors keep the elements where they belong – outside. The result is machines that last longer and workers who feel more comfortable.


Unlike hollow metal doors, industrial doors from PS Access Solutions are built to last. The best part of a Door Audit might be how long it will be before you have to do another one.

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