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Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Stanton, North Dakota

In the summer of 2016, Basin Electric Power Cooperative needed to close off an air compressor room in one of its first power plants, known as Leland Olds Station, and it looked to longtime partner PS Access Solutionsto get the job done. PS Access Solutions has manufactured products for the Leland Olds Station for several years, providing industrial swing doors, sliding doors and access hatches throughout the plant. For this particular project, the plant needed to close off three openings in an air compressor room in order to transform it into an airlocked environment. This was a straightforward undertaking for two of the openings, but the third would require the experts at PS Access Solutions to address two separate, but related, challenges.

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Escalante Generating Station

The PS DOORS Incorporated sales and design team worked with the Escalante Generating Station in New Mexico to manufacture a custom Bi-Part Sliding Door that also features a smaller sliding door. The large Bi-Part Sliding Door allows the facility to move large objects in and out of their facility while the smaller Sliding Door allows for easy personnel access. Both heavy-duty doors are built to last and withstand the high wind loads. These rugged industrial doors are easy to install, operate and increase overall plant/personnel safety. The customer designed the structure to support the door and wind loads needed and give them the largest possible opening.


Tuscon Electric Power & Power Magazine

The PS DOORS Industrial Sliding Door was featured in POWER magazine:

“For coal-fired power plants, changing seasons bring a variety of challenges. Cold weather, snow and ice each cause different problems.”
– Aaron Larson, POWER magazine

“The plant chose to install a model made by PS Industries. The company’s industrial sliding door is designed specifically to withstand the abuses of industrial applications – especially the effects of positive and negative draft or wind loads – making it a good choice for us in power generation facilities, which require sturdy, maintenance free doors.”
– Aaron Larson, POWER magazine

“The little things that we have done have really made a difference.”
– Tracy Ortiz, fuel superintendent for Springerville Generating Station (operated by Tucson Electric Power)

“The doors have helped keep the heat in the buildings while at the same time keeping dust out.”
– Aaron Larson, POWER magazine.

The PS DOORS Industrial Sliding Door can help prepare your power plant for cold weather and is operable in virtually all weather conditions. Read the entire POWER magazine article (Prepare Your Coal Plant for Cold Weather Operations) featuring the PS Industries Industrial Sliding Door.

Photo credit: Tuscon Electric Power (TEP)

Pyramax Proppant Facility – Wrens, Georgia

The Story:
A customer called PS DOORS with a problem. He needed several inspection ports constructed out of 316L stainless steel that would hold up in his facility’s corrosive environment. These ports needed to be welded to various round or square pipes containing corrosive gas and abrasive materials. The lids had to be bolted on. He had exhausted his resources trying to find a manufacturer to create these custom inspection ports for the oil and gas industry.

The Product:
PS DOORS reviewed these requirements and built thirty-six hatches in ten different sizes to meet the customer’s needs. We manufactured custom insulated lids and frames for each hatch that matched the inside diameter of the round and square piping. When installed, these custom lids effectively contain the corrosive gas and particles in piping, creating a sealed pipe with access points.

Shown: 36” x 12” custom inspection port. Constructed of 10-gauge 316L stainless steel furnished as one piece. Door was bolted to the frame with the appropriate amount of 316 bolts.

Not Shown: PS Access Solutions also offers this product with a radius cut lid/



Grand Cities Mall – Grand Forks, ND

BEFORE: Tip-up roof hatch

AFTER: Slidewise Roof Hatch with OSHA-compliant railing system.

“First time we haven’t had leakage during a storm!”

I have bad knees. The OSHA compliant railing system makes it effortless to climb up and down our hatch. I feel so safe and secure!”
-Building Owner, Grand Cities Mall


Thomas Hill Power Plant – Clifton Hill, Missouri

BEFORE: Two 4’ paired swing doors that didn’t seal well, causing coal dust leakage (a fire hazard).

AFTER: Large panel that can be completely removed to load large equipment and swing walk door used daily by employees.

Access Hatch

Access Hatches installed on the top of a jobsite frac tank trailer.

Coal Creek Station (Great River Energy) – Underwood, North Dakota

Pedestrian Sliding Roof Hatch on the largest lignite-fired electricity plant in North Dakota.


Springerville Generating Station

2014 PRB Plant of the Year

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