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PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Monorail Doors Do A One-Of-A-Kind Job

To move heavy loads in and out of an industrial facility, a monorail crane system is sometimes employed. These systems use a stationary overhead track and a trolley that runs on it, shuttling payloads back and forth. When the payload needs to go in and out of a building, it utilizes a specialized door known as a “monorail door.”


Did you know that OSHA is responsible for enforcing a number of standards that relate to your facility’s roof? That’s because a larger percentage of workplace accidents each year involve falls from elevated heights, and the roof, obviously, presents a number of potential hazards in this regard. In particular, safety around roof hatches is critically important. As workers access and exit the rooftop, extra care is necessary to reduce the chances for serious accidents.

COVID-19 Impact On Business And Orders

As COVID-19 continues to influence our lives, businesses and communities, we would like to update our customers on how we are responding and how we are addressing any potential impact on production.

Compliance That Stands Up To Pressure

Anyone who has worked in a facility that generates power will recognize the struggles associated with opening and closing doors between rooms with significantly different air pressure. The problem lies not just in the physical strength needed to open a door against excessive pressure, but also in the challenge of finding a door that meets all necessary requirements while maintaining operational functionality. Thankfully, facility managers have several options.

PS Industries look to continued growth and expansion

PS Industries, 1150 S. 48 St., a company started locally in Grand Forks, is doing business on the national and international stage, with its unique line of doors, hatches and flood barriers, one of which is protecting the United States Constitution at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Register Your Product

PS Industries now has a new feature on our website where you can register your product to receive email notifications regarding warranties, O&M manuals, product updates and more.

PS Access Solutions Case Study: Coal Power Plant

When Acensium, a respected engineering firm known for its design and 3D scanning expertise in material handling and project oversight for the power industry, was asked by its customer to help upgrade some doors in its coal plant, it joined forces with PS Access Solutions™. Together, these two companies ended up building a door like no other.

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